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The Putian shoe industry in the false shoe storm is to be set up by the group army.
From: Dongguan Feng y Material Co. Ltd Post date: 2017-12-22


The development of the independent brand of Putian shoe industry is becoming more and more vigorous. However, the domestic shoe market, especially the ecommerce market, has become saturated. How should Putian shoe industry be?

The wind blow "brand"

Under the dual strike of online and offline, the living space of counterfeit shoes has been greatly reduced, and the business environment of independent brands has been greatly improved. This is a new industry opportunity. Recently, Putian city Yindun Network Technology Co., Ltd. founder Zheng Ning told reporters, not long ago, he registered a shoe brand in the United States, "completely independent research and development, is not a simple imitation".

In recent years, in addition to the normalization of e-commerce platform, the local government has also made a heavy blow, forming a high pressure situation. In July this year, Putian carried out special actions against counterfeit shoes and fake sea washes in the city to guide footwear enterprises to innovate independently and speed up industrial transformation and upgrading.

Putian is known as "shoe city", the city's existing more than 4000 footwear enterprises, more than the size of 313, employing 500 thousand people, completed the scale of industrial output value of 67 billion 750 million yuan last year.

Youth home Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is located in Licheng District, in early April of this year to Hannover to participate in science and technology exhibition, the independent brand play and successful docking of German businessmen seeking. In 2014, the sales volume exceeded 1 million 300 thousand pairs in the 1 months, and now we invest about 5000000 yuan a year for R & D design, with an average of 4 monthly updates. Up to now, there are more than 100 items. This year, the turnover will break through 100 million yuan. " Lin Zhihong, deputy general manager of the home of youth, said that the new "Rome shoes" launched in August this year became a market explosion.

Recently, in the prosperous commercial area of Putian, many "good shoes" brand stores have suddenly come out. Originally, this is a 3D personalized custom experience center, belonging to the dual Sports Products Co., Ltd. under the flag. Entering the experience center, customers can only measure the foot length, foot arch and other data with only 3 seconds on the foot detector, then select the favorite style and wait for half an hour to buy private customized shoes.

At present, Putian footwear industry is becoming the industry leader of the brand enterprises, but in the industry segments and electricity supplier, has been the emergence of a double play, Chi, seeking about more than 40 independent brands.

Cross the sea "go out"

"New independent brand awareness is not high, to really get market recognition, it takes a long process. If the traditional shop model is popularized and the cost is too high, it is not the way the enterprise can bear. Cai Jining, chairman of Yongsheng Footwear Co., Ltd., said, "e-commerce is a better choice, a wide range of sales, not restricted by the region."

Cai Jining calculated an account: a business team composed of 20 people can create 40 million yuan turnover a year, if the offline store has to reach the same sales scale, it needs 20 times of the artificial quantity.

Yongsheng company was originally a foundry enterprise, 9 years ago with the independent brand about, in the north and Northeast China layout, most have 300 stores. 4 years ago, they began to contact the electric business, start the cross-border business business.

In Cai Jining's view, the domestic shoe business market has become saturated, and practitioners in the market are often a swarm of bees, easy to form low price malignant competition. While Europe and America, Japan and other overseas markets are relatively rational, consumer groups are mainly in the middle and high level, suitable for higher positioning of the independent footwear brand.

At present, the offline stores of Yongsheng company have been reduced to 30, while the sales of cross-border distributors have increased to 400. The annual sales volume has doubled and doubled, reaching 5 million US dollars last year. "We mainly run the American market, with an average of 69 dollars per pair of shoes. This year we will go to Russia to explore and expand the emerging markets." Cai Jining said.

Group "group army"

Driven by the trend of the market, the Putian shoe sellers, which have built the domestic e-commerce platform, have registered companies in succession.

"We have been doing business overseas since 2016, and now we can sell about 100 sheets a day." Gabriel Zhu Zhihua responsible person said, "we have just started, also need to slowly groping and learning, to master the operation."

At the same time, a number of cross-border e-commerce training institutions have also begun to be stationed in Putian. "Target customers are small sellers of transboundary ecommerce, they are not familiar with the running rules and operation modes of cross-border e-commerce platforms." Yang Zhihua, director of Fujian Meng Chuang's Agel Ecommerce Ltd training program, said, "before the training class began, more than 10 people came to inquire every day. The first phase in August opening, in the scale of 30 people, then will continue to expand."

In July 23rd this year, a cross-border business summit forum was held in Putian. Organized by the Fujian Parkson Datong Investment Limited company to undertake, invited from all over the country to discuss cross-border business expert, the latest situation of cross-border electricity supplier and the actual operation skill for local small and medium-sized cross-border electricity supplier sellers give advice and suggestions.

"There are 200 thousand 'net army' in Putian, but there are not many shoes across the border, small and scattered. Huang Jianhui, the chairman of the Baisheng company, thinks that these small sellers are alone and will meet the "ceiling" after the turnover reaches 10 million yuan. If we can form the "group army", it will form considerable potential and market competitiveness.

At present, Huang Jianhui is trying to integrate small seller resources, and then register overseas brands, and test the best selling styles through online testing, then find shoes factory to order. At the same time, the express invoice is also centralized by the export enterprise unified declaration, so that it can negotiate with the front end manufacturers, and get tax rebates at the back end, so as to reduce production and logistics operation costs.

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