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The whole process Automation: a New Mode of Shoe making in the Future
From: Dongguan Feng y Material Co. Ltd Post date: 2017-12-22


With the increasing efficiency and scale of footwear industry, shoemaking enterprises continue to introduce and absorb advanced international shoemaking technology and advanced large-scale shoe making production line, making China's shoe industry unprecedented development and progress. However, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the world, it is urgent for enterprises to effectively integrate all kinds of business links and resources, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

When people generally think of shoes as labor-intensive industries, the application of automation in shoe industry is more and more. Just like an industry insider said, "a few years ago, no shoe factory owner sat down to listen to your automation. Now many people come home to ask for automation. It brings to the shoe factory more stable quality, higher production efficiency and more effective factory management.

At present in the Chinese shoe industry, automation applications really, also just stay in the automatic gluing machine drawing and other simple applications, the application is far less than the number of shoe factories in Europe, such as ECCO, BATA etc.. I have the honor to visit the BATA factory in Holland. In the shoe production process, for some highly repetitive and accurate action procedures, robots are widely applied. The quality is guaranteed and the efficiency of production is improved greatly.

The production line design from Germany's famous shoe manufacturer DESMA, DESMA automation, the company has been committed to the production of shoes this year, together with Daimler Chrysler Inc, ABB company was awarded the "robot" award. To recognize the great contribution of DESMA company to the automation of shoe industry.

Machine hand
      In the current global shoe industry, the complete replacement of human automation equipment has not yet been developed. And the German DESMA company has produced a series of machine hands, which are more and more widely used in various production processes. Move, pour, spray mold release agent and take PU finished product and so on, machine arm can be competent. For example, the shoe hand, which is developed by the shoe, can make a perfect self - raising of the shoe. It is exempted from overhairy or overhairy in the process of artificial hairy. Thus, the final result of the waste is avoided. Its research and development of the spray mold agent, the accuracy of the error is not more than 1 milligrams, from the long-term point of view, saving the cost. At the same time, the quality of the finished shoes is guaranteed. In addition, the robot can automatically paint the glue, take the finished shoes, and trim the edges. Take the last in automatic production, guide PU pouring head in the sole production.

DESMA machine hand grinding shoe upper

        ESMA's automation equipment is strong and durable. It is a perfect and reliable helper for the sole machinery. These robots can work tirelessly for 50000 hours (MTBF). It can assist in the completion of each task in the process of combining the sole with the shoe. In the whole process begins when the first release agent, the other side is to draw up the upper wheel Guo adhesive and paint, and cut off the gate and accurately complete the whole process of materials. Finally, the finished shoe sole is taken out from the blue, and a new shoe upper is attached to the shoe. Then the work is made, and then the head starts again, and the production is uninterrupted.

Cutting edge operation of DESMA manipulator

Robot automatic control system

The DESMA GRC robot automation control system uses the DEScan monitoring system. Its multi-functional characteristics can almost satisfy all the requirements for automatic operation. For the users, the greatest benefit is the flexibility and transparency of the entire program. This control system can be flexible to provide the user with the feasibility of upgrading and refitting. All of the units in the production system can control their own intelligent programs in the form of program logic control. The information conveyed by a variety of single control systems is connected by the Ethernet network of the machine itself, and clearly displayed on the LCD screen with the advanced operating system.


In addition, the DESMA GRC robot automation control system can also provide many advantages as follows:

1, combined with DEScom's 3D off-line system, DESMA GRC provides a machine automation system for the shoe industry and a user adjustment system. DESMA GRC is responsible for basic functions, and DEScom makes further operations, such as information storage, to the customer's exclusive use.

2, the system can be self modified, without misoperation.

3, different shoes can be organized into working program (or secret recipe) by parameters such as mold number, grinding speed, or pressure. With the help of program contributors, secret recipes and system software can be adjusted to new process contents.

4. At present, the information of the machine output of all workstations is organized by the editing function. The selection of the workstation can confirm all the instructions, including the change of the content. The current work is stored by the robot control system, and all other secret and software systems will be highly stored.

5, only touch the button to complete the function, such as the tool conversion. And the service page has a special status, which can be chosen. The user can observe and convert the special system function, and the use of the spare can not affect the production completely.

Compared with other industries, the application of automation in shoe industry is far from enough, but fortunately, more and more people in the industry have realized the huge benefits brought by automation. It is an indisputable fact that the trend from manual to semi automation and then to full automation is an indisputable fact. I believe that after everyone's efforts, the future of the shoe production will be a new model.