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  • Tel: 086-769-82701676
  • Contacts:Nie
  • Fax: 086-0769-88021776
  • Address: He Tian Heyang building room 807,Houjie town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China

Company Profile

Dongguan City, Feng y shoe material Co. Ltd. was founded in January 4, 2013, registered capital of 500 thousand, is located in Dongguan shoe of Houjie Town River village. Employees 6 people, part time business of 7 people. Jiangsu Changlong Chemical Co., Ltd. Dongguan branch, Jiangsu Changlong Chemical Co., Ltd. is the former Changzhou pesticide factory and Changzhou organic chemical plant restructuring in 2000, is a national fixed-point phosgene production base, the national high-tech enterprises, the backbone of the enterprise Chinese pesticide export, is a collection of scientific research, manufacturing as a whole by phosgene the main raw material for the production of pesticide, medicine, pesticide intermediates, chemical intermediates, fine chemical products and polyurethane materials in chemical enterprises.